Typos and grammatical errors can discredit your message and confuse your readers. Proofreading eliminates embarrassing mistakes that can damage your professional reputation.

My proofreading service will correct basic errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and basic formatting.

Proofreading is appropriate for copyedited, formatted work that needs a final error check prior to publication or distribution.


Good writing becomes great writing with the help of proper copyediting. Even the best writers overlook problems in their own text that a skilled editor would catch.

My copyediting service will fix errors in word usage, syntax, flow and clarity while maintaining the original meaning and voice.

I will also ensure the content conforms to the appropriate style guide (AP or Chicago) as well as your company's own style guidelines. 

Content Editing

If your content needs a fresh start, I can help you reinvent it. By analyzing its core elements, I can suggest changes to content, organization and style to help give your words new life.

My content editing service includes rewriting, reordering to improve readability, and incorporating content from multiple sources.

I can also adjust the voice and tone of the content to more closely match your company's style, personality or brand identity. 

From Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses, my clients have the same common need: polished and professional business documents and online content delivered with speed, reliability and unparalleled quality. With my expert editing and proofreading skills, your communications will be clear, concise and totally flawless, strengthening your company's reputation for quality and building credibility in your brand.  

Seattle-based with editing and proofreading clients nationwide.

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