"Tracy is an excellent editor and a pleasure to work with. She is thorough, yet always manages to have reports back before the deadline. I particularly appreciate her ability to jump into any report on any subject - she doesn't let a lack of content expertise in niche areas stop her from doing a thoughtful and comprehensive edit. She's my go-to for editing work!"  

Melissa, Consultant, ORS Impact

"I have worked with Tracy on multiple occasions. She brings great ideas to projects and continuously delivers high quality work."

Lorraine, Internal Communications Editor, REI 

"Tracy works hard, fast and expertly. She has a critical eye, requires little direction and demonstrates an exceptional command of the English language. She is, quite simply, the best editor I have ever worked with. Hire her. You will not regret it."

Alex, Director of Enterprise & Franchisee Communications, Dunkin' Brands, Inc.

"Much like the scene in “The Breakfast Club” where Molly Ringwald drags Ally Sheedy to the ladies’ room for a little makeover (less black eyeliner and some earth tones), Tracy retains the personality of your work, but clears out the muck and enhances its natural beauty. She’s also enjoyable to work with, down to earth and drives productivity with a consistent - yet not cloying - positive attitude. Best of all, Tracy doesn’t make you feel stupid for not figuring things out on your own; rather, she makes you feel smart for having her in your corner."

Erin, Starbucks Coffee Company

"Tracy is very professional and accurate in tight deadline driven situations."

Crystal, Dye Management Group, Inc. 

"Tracy has always done a great job of providing writing, editing and proofreading skills for my team. This year we added in additional complexity when we asked her to help outline our project as well and she took the task on with ease. She produced great results and was a solid member of our working group."

Tara, Public Affairs Director, Nordstrom 

"Tracy did a wonderful job writing and editing content for my legal website. She took the very little I gave her, and turned it into a beautiful, polished result. I'd recommend her highly, and will contact her again in the future!"

Candace Wilkerson, Attorney at Law

"Tracy is a brilliant editor with stellar writing skills. She is by far one of the best editors that I've worked with at Starbucks. She has consistently improved any document given to her, with remarkable clarity, brevity and relevancy. She is professional, easy to work with, very organized, possesses exceptional technical skills, and consistently meets her deadlines."

Stacey, Starbucks Coffee Company

"I strongly recommend Tracy as an editor and communicator. We worked together in a very dynamic, fast-paced (almost "press room") environment that demanded a high-level of skill and willingness in order to succeed, and Tracy met the challenge. Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Tracy always delivered on-time, direct communication content that met the needs of the business."
Len, Starbucks Coffee Company 

"Tracy is my secret weapon. Working with her at Starbucks, I was first impressed with her accuracy and speed. Since then I have been fortunate to hire Tracy at both Dunkin Brands, Inc. and Old Navy where she's edited everything from promotional materials, resource and training manuals to corporate guides. She flexes to the company voice and tone, creates consistency and makes everything...better. I've never come across anyone faster or more accurate. (And I know she's editing this comment right now.)"

Alexandra, Senior Manager, Internal Communications, Old Navy 

"I hired Tracy to help me jumpstart a stalled project - a long overdue website overhaul. Working with the content on my own proved to be a daunting task, and her clarity, skill and polish (her patience, too!) were very helpful. I would hire her again in a second!"

Danielle Lowinger, Owner, Helix Massage Therapy

"She takes great care to understand a message's intent. She then brings it to life succinctly and within the brand's tone and voice. Tracy is a exceptional collaborator - she is willing to take on the most complex challenges in a fast-paced environment while maintaining balance and focus on quality. I would work with or for Tracy any day!"

Kristy, Starbucks Coffee Company

"Tracy is the consummate business communicator. Her attention to detail and her commitment to produce meaningful, effective, accurate and timely communications is outstanding. She works extremely well under pressure. Tracy has the unique ability to question the status quo with respect and always with a suggested solution to an issue. I would be proud to have Tracy as a part of my team!"

Lynn, Starbucks Coffee Company 

What is an editor?

“The job of an editor is, among other things, to prod, shape, wheedle, cajole, mediate, challenge, anticipate, nit-pick, chastise, inspire, support, confront, defend, harangue, and, as required, suggest different words, phrases, or grammar. The truest legacy of editors is never just clean copy, smoothly packaged. It is leadership in matters large (such as protecting the integrity of institutions and fielding the demands of publishers) and small (such as making each writer and subeditor better practitioners of their craft).”

By Peter Osnos
Article created by the Century Foundation 

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